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High beam headlight issue on 1960.

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High beam headlight issue on 1960.

hotzip hotzip
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/09
Posted: 04/27/09
03:50 PM

Intially the high beams work however after a short time the headlights start to flash on and off and the high beam indicator light on the dash panel also flashes.  Everything else continues to work normally.  When the lights start flashing the light switch heats up.  Checked the grounds and added new ones, bypassed the light switch to see if it was the problem (problem remained)  Any thoughts??  Hotzip  

jeffbernhardt jeffbernhardt
New User | Posts: 33 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 04/28/09
05:26 PM

Heat buildup in a wire or an electrical switch is almost always caused by a poor connection, since electrical current is passing through a conductor that is too small to handle the load.  This poor connection is usually due to corrosion, and can cause enough heat to build in the circuit to melt wire insulation and the plastic wire terminals. You will notice that affected wiring becomes hard as a brick once it cools down.  

Pull your headlight switch from the dash by disconnecting the battery, pulling the headlight knob full out until it detents, pushing the release button on the bottom side of the switch to release the knob, and pulling the knob the rest of the way out.  Unscrew the headlight retainer nut and remove the switch from the instrument cluster, with the wiring harness still attached to it.  Now you can inspec the harness and plug that plugs into the headlight switch.  If any of the wires are hard and shiny, it's because of excessive heat.  Disconnect the plug from the switch using a flat-blade screwdriver to gently pry it off of the switch.  Inspect the sockets of the plug for greenish corrosion, as well as the pins of the switch itself.  My quess is that you might be in for a little electrical work. Cleaning all of the affected electrical connections is a start, but there may be hidden damage to the headlight switch.  My recommendation is to replace the switch (available at NAPA, or your friendly neighborhood auto parts house) and remove each wire end from the electrical plug for proper, wire-brush cleaning.  Give this a go, and I'll be you'll be OK.  

briando briando
New User | Posts: 10 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 12/20/12
03:24 PM

check the bulbs you're using. i know some of the newer bulbs don't react too well to older chevytech. try it out and see  

pepsi1 pepsi1
User | Posts: 83 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 12/22/12
07:39 AM

Who brought up this dead post?


briando briando
New User | Posts: 10 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 05/17/13
08:44 PM

honestly make sure and check your fuses. i know the corvettecan run a little hot now and then  

waynep712222 waynep712222
User | Posts: 129 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 05/19/13
09:18 PM

to expand on this long sleeping post...

read this article...  be sure to click thru each image.. as each one should have text..

if the car does not up graded halogen headlights as 6014 conventional headlights are almost impossible.. so most people end up with H6024 bulbs for the 7 inch headlights...

but i would start at the dimmer switch on the floor.. i have found many with corrosion issues... shorting some power to ground...  also crushed wiring under the carpet..

the headlight circuit does not have a FUSE... at least as far back as 60.. there is an internal circuit breaker just for the headlights ..  everything else is fused from the fuse box..  when the headlight switch gets old.. or the amp draw  increases because of increased wattage with halogens..  it may cycle off and then back on..

swapping the switch is the usual fix.. but you still need to check the dimmer.. or just replace it. and check the connection.. i have taken to installing a plastic coffee can lid under the flasher to prevent some of the shorts close to the connector..  

there could also be an issue with the bulk head connectors..

or a pinched wire  somewhere in the circuit..

if you have halogens.. you  will probably want to examine the article i pasted above...  relays drop the load not just on the headlight and dimmer switches.. but on the bulk head connectors and the wiring under the dash..  

waynep712222 waynep712222
User | Posts: 129 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 05/19/13
09:19 PM

ahh... see the issue.. the corvette dimmer switch is THRU the floor with the electrical exposed to the underside of the car...  

instead of inside the car where it only gets some rain on it..