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84 corvette fuel problem

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84 corvette fuel problem

joe.h. joe.h.
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/12
Posted: 08/23/12
08:06 PM

my 84 corvette with crossfire induction wont start when it gets warm, it doesnt get fuel but starts immediately with a shot of starting fluid and runs fine after i start it. i have changed the fuel pump and that didnt help when its hot out.  

pepsi1 pepsi1
User | Posts: 83 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 08/23/12
09:05 PM

Did you check the fuse?
Also did you replace the filter, and did it have what may have looked like a sock on the inlet to the pump? Thats a fuel filter also. All signs point to your engine getting spark, and air, so it has to be a fuel problem.

Check back it maybe also be an electrical problem. Check all the connections for good contact. Also check the wires for any burnt connections...


waynep71222 waynep71222
User | Posts: 181 | Joined: 04/12
Posted: 08/23/12
10:06 PM

look under the dash for the fuse labeled CRANK...  make sure its in its slot.. and that when you crank the engine that the test light you are probing it with lights up... this tells the computer that you are cranking the engine.. so it starts the injectors pulsing.. until the engine reaches 400 RPM at which time the injectors pulse to the engine RPM signals..

you can see it on pin 1 in this diagram..


if you have an autozone.. this is an SU102 engine coolant sensor kit... replaces the earlier unit that fails to send signals to the ECM... look for the black wire and the yellow wire..  under 20 bucks. special order.. order it by part number.. the az computer does not show this as it fitting.. but it does...  lets the engine know what the actual temp of the motor is..  when its not properly connected. it will either be -20F or +275 or beyond..


you can see where this coolant temp sensor is hiding in this image... under and behind the smog pump.. takes just a few minutes to remove the smog pump to get in and replace the sensor and the pigtail.. crimping the new end on...


in this diagram.. see the partial diagram on the right side.. showing the EGR solenoid control solenoid..   note next to it is the computer ground connections...  one of the many.. but this is one of the places the ECM is grounded to the engine.. if the bracket is loose... or the ring terminal is loose.. you will have issues...

i put green circles around the ground locations that might actually need to be taken apart and the ring terminals cleaned with a stainless steel wire tooth brush... don't forget.. this car is 28 years old..  every thing needs proper maintenance once in a while...   since electrons flow from ground to positive..  if you have a bad ground.. you will not have enough electrons to do the work properly...

82 84Crossfiregroundconnection

diagnosing these is a lot easier with an OBD1 scan tool...

there is an OTC 2000 in the la craigs list tools for like 50 bucks that will handle your car...